Tattoo License & Custom Art – $25 Tip by ADAMJK®
Tattoo License & Custom Art – Custom Commission by ADAMJK®

Tattoo License & Custom Art

Regular price $ 25.00

It's totally ok to get my art tattooed! You may have found a piece of art from my Instagram, my books, or anywhere else and want to keep it forever, which I find completely flattering.

Send me a tip to use my art – For those who have asked, here's a way to send me a tip for my art. Pay what you like, and thank you for the support! This is the best way to know that the art you love enough to keep on your body forever is also compensated for. You'll automatically receive a PDF flash sheet with some more popular designs that you can bring to your tattoo artist. For anything else, help yourself to what you find in my books and online.

Custom lettering for tattoos – I am also accepting commissions for custom words or text-based designs. You will receive a high resolution digital file that you can bring to your tattoo artist and keep for other personal use. After checking out, please email your request to studio [at] with the email subject "Tattoo Commission" to either begin the process for yourself or receive a printable gift certificate.