Photo of 5 enamel pins affixed to card. Featuring FEELINGS bottle pin design and other Adam JK favorites.
Back of Adam JK Mixed Feelings Pin Set packaging

Mixed Feelings Pin Set

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Warning: May Contain Multitudes

What's better than one pin? How about five pins????? Because you know what there are actually a lot of ways to feel and sometimes I feel two things at once and also I just love pins and they are a lot of fun and I can't decide.

This set includes my most classic Bottled Up Feelings and You Tried star pins, plus the spinning arrow Indecisive pin (yes it spins!), the return of my 2015-era Unknown pin, and a frilly new IDK heart because nothing says LOVE like an intense jumble of emotions that oscillates wildly.

Pinned to a 4x6 card with a little note on the back and affixed with rubber clutches in a little polybag so nothing falls off if you want to give the whole thing as a special gift to someone who is totally gonna "get" it.