the future (edit: from the past)

the future (edit: from the past)

the future is so weird!!!!!

remember being like, idk 21, and thinking “holy shit the future is so far away am i even gonna make it to 22????” remember being 22 and being in a car accident and being mugged at gunpoint in the span of two weeks and thinking “well i’m definitely going to die soon.” remember being 23 and thinking “uhhhh well i’m pretty lost so i guess i’ll move to one of the most expensive cities in the world and see how that goes?”

now i am 27 (very old) and i work on projects that are like “slated for release in 1.5 years” and it’s just like “what?” or more like “i don’t know if i will be alive then” and so i rush to turn in production files so IF I DIE they can still go ahead with it.

there is a moment that comes somewhere around 24-and-watching-all-of-sex-in-the-city-in-2-weeks when you realize that:

  • i might still be alive in 10 years
  • if i’m going to be alive in 10 years then i should probably try to build something
  • i might live even longer than that

and so now i make plans for the future and think about the future and want to spend the future with a special-person-who-i-love and i think about things in term of “building a life” and “moving forward” and “creating change” and it’s all just so bizarre because i really wasn’t sure i would still be alive right now.

the future is weird but it is also real so try to anticipate that and give yourself the tools to succeed because you will have new challenges you didn’t see for yourself and you will need all the help-from-yourself you can get.

originally shared april 2nd, 2016