Unsolicited Advice turns 10
My annual Unsolicited Advice weekly planner and journal turns ten years old, which means I have officially been making them FOR A DECADE. I'm so surprised to have made it this far, but so grateful to everyone who's invited my planner...
OK Tarot Interviews

The OK Tarot Deck project started with one little idea that I couldn't get out of my head. It was important to research, learn, and honor tradition. Part of the process was this series of interviews…

My personal favorites
I've made so many things over the last decade, and almost none of them were "necessary" but that didn't stop me???? Here's the story of five of my all time favorites.
How this all started
There was not a single moment when I said to myself "ok Adam let's start a brand." Some people make the plan, secure funding, and launch… I did none of that.
the future (edit: from the past)
the future is weird but it is also real so try to anticipate that and give yourself the tools to succeed because you will have new challenges you didn’t see for yourself and you will need all the help-from-yourself you can get.