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"Adam lit up the main stage with his unique energy — a perfect storm of his strong personal vision, deep empathy, and incredible senses of timing and humor. When he speaks, his passion encourages every creative to tap into themselves and create the work they need to see in the world. At the conference, Adam participated with his whole heart, helping us make a better experience for every attendee while also strengthening the industry's values."

Bri Hermanson, President ICON11

“Adam completely embodies the spirit of his work, and brought incredible energy and authenticity to our conference’s main stage.”

Andrea Rosen, Adobe 99U Conference

"One of the most fun, inspiring and genuine talks we’ve had on the main stage. Adam’s ability to captivate an audience and bring it all home makes me wish we saved him for last."

Josh Horton, Creative Works Conference

Photo of Adam speaking on conference stage

Creative Works Conference

Photo of Adam speaking at OFFF Barcelona conference

OFFF Barcelona

Photo of Adam speaking on conference stage. Slide behind him reads

RGD DesignThinkers

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I love speaking to fun audiences wherever they're at – conferences, internal teams, schools, or creative retail activations. Eventually I will better organize the full list but here are some of the events and places I've spoken at before.

99U Conference, Adobe MAX, Australian Graphic Design Association (AGDA) tour, AIGA DC Design Week, Big Cartel, Creative Works Conference, DesignThinkers Toronto, Etsy, Facebook, GIPHY, Google, Graphika Manila, Hootsuite, HOW Live, ICA/Boston, ICON Conference, Kettle, Mailchimp, MassArt, MICA, MoMA, NGV Melbourne, OCADU, OFFF Barcelona, Pratt, RISD, SFMOMA, Shopify, Twitter, Wix, YouTube, and more