Adam JK Pride Pin Set includes five pin designs on a rainbow printed card
Back of pin packaging includes written note from Adam
Handwritten text reads: There are so many ways we can choose to express ourselves or signal to others. I used to think it was kind of cringe, but I was wrong. Being who you are and modeling it as "ok" to others is so major. I&

Pride Pin Set

Regular price $ 25.00

In addition to my collection of Pronoun Pins (now in five versions) and lots of rainbows, this collection helps celebrate who we are.

Of course they work best when pinned to your super cute Pride outfit, on your work lanyard as a beacon for others, or individually gifted to someone as a tool for their own self-expression.

  • Painter's Palette: Featuring the 8 colors of Gilbert Baker's original Pride flag (did you know hot pink was dropped due to supply chain issues – sounds familiar)
  • "Not Straight": Self explanatory and maybe thee most inclusive way to represent for the wide spectrum of people who aren't straight??? Because actually a lot of people are in fact not straight :-)
  • Trans Pride Heart: There's no Gay pride without Trans pride!!! I hope you will wear this tender little heart with pride for yourself or the people you love
  • L.G.B.T.Q.: A subtle little one that you could easily include in your corporate office outfits as you cosplay being a functional adult with a 9-5 job etc
  • Red ribbon: A remembrance for those we've lost to HIV/AIDS and a generation of queer love, culture, and art cut short

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