Gay And Boring Pin – by ADAMJK®
Adam JK enamel pin packaging has fill-in card for giving as a gift!

Gay And Boring Pin

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The pink triangle has been a symbol of gay pride and activism for decades, and thanks to those who came before us, LGBTQ+ folks now have more rights than ever before. The work isn't over, but we're getting closer.

One of those rights is the right to be BORING AS HELL. Sure, we're fantastic, sassy, fabulous, and all those exciting words. But we're also just normal human people who wanna stay home and watch TV while scrolling Instagram explore page on the couch next to our partner… and that's our right too. 💪

Metal shape with enamel color fill and a standard pin back. All ADAMJK® enamel pins are 2mm thick (just a little bit sturdier!) and include a rubber clutch. Packaged on a simple card you can personalize before gifting.

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